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Without passion there is no creation. The first ingredient in creating Kura collection is definitely passion. Our passion for beauty, for detail, for precious metals, stones and gems are the foundations of Kura Fine Jewellery. But what we hope makes your experience with Kura pieces unique and memorable is our passion to share our inspirations with you.


Flowers, water, geometry, candy, architecture, your favourite country...inspiration can come from anywhere. Inspiration is also as unique to you as it is to us. Kura collections interpret this individuality through a variety of gold and silver lines that can be as simple as they are elaborate, as bold as they are subdued and as casual as they are rare.

Delicate craftsmanship.

Made from refined gold and silver and carefully selected diamonds, pearls, and precious gemstones, each one of Kura's collections is a result of inspired collaboration between the designer and the artisan to ensure the highest quality and elegance behind the Kura collection.

Concept: Versatility and Glamour

Kura's design derived from 2 main concepts :Versatility and Glamour. VERSATILITY- Kura's jewellery is versatile and can be worn in variety of ways for different occasions; from casual to black tie event. GLAMOUR - Kura jewellery strives to make every woman wearing Kura's jewellery piece to feel and look glamorous at all time, whether she is clad in jeans and t-shirt or in a fabulous evening haute couture gown.

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